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Just like Telegram join them and enjoy.
Ultimate Easy Client Generation🔥🔥🔥

Learning Ultimate Easy Client Generation🔥🔥🔥 2024-01-27

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Ultimate Easy Client Generation🔥🔥🔥
*Ultimate Easy Client Generation🔥🔥🔥*

IMG 20240127 WA0023

*---"I earn over $100/hour..."---*

*Sale Page:*
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Ultimate Easy Client Generation
Corbin Buff
9 ratings
Take the Guesswork Out of Getting Freelance Copywriting Clients ... and Start Generating Them Easily
From the Desk of Corbin Buff

Dear friend,

Want to take your freelance biz to the next level – but struggling to get clients consistently?

Then you may be ready for Ultimate Easy Client Generation ...

Inside, you'll unlock templates for all the cold emails and DMs I've sent that successfully got me clients over the years.

Not to mention templates for raising prices, asking for referrals and testimonials, and more.

This is the closest thing you'll get to an experienced freelancer guiding you step-by-step toward getting high-paying clients that could stay with you for years to come.

I'm basically taking you behind the scenes of my own biz, giving away all the secret sauce that worked for me when I was building my client list.

This bundle is easily a $99+ value... (because I've used these emails to land clients that are still on retainer, paying me $1000's of dollars a month to this day)

But I'm offering it to you now for just $49...

... because I wish someone had offered me something like this when I was first getting started.

So get the bundle now and unlock all of the real emails and DMs that actually worked and generated dozens of clients for me...

And use them to easily generate high-paying freelancing clients for yourself.

Just click "I want this!" to get started.

What Others are Saying About Ultimate Easy Client Generation:
"Saved me big time!!"

And here's what Jackie Pearce (pro freelance copywriter for over 10+ years) had to say..

Templates? Where'sYour $1499 Video Course?
Here's the thing, gentle reader...

You and I both know I'd make more money selling a $1499 greasy guru video course that's 40+ hours long, filled with "breakthrough mindset coaching," research hacks, and the kitchen sink of other stuff you don't need to have a successful writing biz.

So what gives?

Well I'm gonna save you some time and tell you the truth:

All you need to profit as a freelancer is to

Get Clients
Write Their Copy
It's that simple.

These templates are designed to help you with the first step of the equation, as easily and QUICKLY as possible.

You can immediately implement them to move your business forward and start generating new clients.

I want you to win. And I want you to start winning right now...

And the way to do that is by TAKING ACTION.

Templates make it easy to take action...

Courses... not so much.

In fact, only 3-12% of people complete any online course they start. That means up to 97% never even reach the finish line, let alone implement what they learn.

So if you wanna drop 10x more money, and spend 10x more time on something that isn't even actionable... Ultimate Easy Client Generation isn't for you.

If instead you're one of the few who wants to take action and start landing wins for your biz today, keep reading...

WOW! What's Inside?
Glad you asked ...

Here’s a sneak peak at what’s inside:

Word-for-word cold outreach and prospecting templates for getting clients via email and social media DMs.
Follow-up templates and guidelines that help you stand out from the crowd, without coming off as “annoying” or “needy” to prospects.
Templates to raise your rates and get retainers, so that you don’t just get clients only to churn and burn them (like most freelancers). Learn to get the most from your clients by offering to go deeper with them, and take the stress out of freelancing by landing retainers and locking in recurring revenue.
The exact cold email template I used to get clients when I was totally new, and had no paid experience at all. Steal it for yourself.
A simple, customizable portfolio template so you can display your work and land clients now - without wasting time on a complicated website or social media presence.
And much MORE…
PLUS: once you purchase UECG, you'll have lifetime access to any other cool new stuff I add. Even if I raise the price after adding more value-packed additions in the future, you’ll never pay more if you lock in the best possible price right now, by clicking “I want this!”

*YOU* (Yes You!) Are Your Best Investment
Fun fact:

The average stock market return is about 10% per year over nearly the last century.

So if you can get a 20% ROI in a year... you're crushing most investors.

But what about a 20x ROI? Is that even possible?

"20 baggers" are possible, but getting them in the stock market is usually either crazy risky, takes 10+ years, or both.

But 20 baggers are actually pretty common when you invest in *you*

(Yes, I know "invest in yourself brah" is a cliche. Hear me out).

If you spend $49 to learn how to land a $1000 client, that's an over 20x ROI.

And that's if you land ONE client...

What if you land three?

Or land one client who pays you $1000 a month for the next two years?

You can see how it's possible to get some crazy high ROIs, crazy fast.

That's the power of investing in yourself.

And it's why a training like Ultimate Easy Client Generation will pay dividends for many years to come...

"I earn over $100/hour..."
As a freelance copywriter who started pitching consistently in May, I was looking for a few good-fit, high-volume clients.

After using and adapting to what I learned from Corbin's UECG on top of Jackie Pearce's 30-day Pipeline book, I landed a three-month contract with an agency that does good work for software services and online platforms. I work directly with the creative director/founder, who I like. On a flat-fee basis, I effectively earn over $100/hour.

Using tools from Jackie & Corbin, and adapting them to my style, I have the volume of work that I need to fit the lifestyle that I want. Which is... cliché digital nomad + in-progress book author + avid dancer + obsessive boxing & Muay Thai training.

-Steven P. Keely | Freelance Copywriter @ Keely Copy

OK, I Need This Right Now. How Do I Get It?
It's easy:

1) Click the "I want this!" button on this page to get lifetime access to Ultimate Easy Client Generation.

2) Enter your payment info.

3) You’ll get a confirmation email from Gumroad and be able to access everything.

You can go through Ultimate Easy Client Generation on your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Plus you can download the PDF and print everything out so you'll always have a physical copy with you.

See ya inside,

-Corbin Buff

Still Got Questions?
Anything else you wanna ask me about Ultimate Easy Client Generation?

Wondering if it's the right fit for you?

I want this!
Here's what you're getting for just $49...

The High Impact Freelancer Portfolio Template
$30+ value
Cold Outreach / Prospecting Email Templates for Generating Clients
$30+ value
Templates for Raising Your Rates
$30+ value
Templates for Asking for Referrals & Testimonials
$30+ value
Templates for Asking Existing Clients for More Work
$30+ value
Templates for Negotiating Retainers
$30+ value
Grand Total: $180+ Value
Yours Today for Just $49

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