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Perfmatters WordPress Plugin

Wordpress Plugin Perfmatters WordPress Plugin 2.2.3

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Wordpress Plugin
Perfmatters WordPress Plugin

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Perfmatters WordPress Plugin: Lightweight performance for WordPress​

Slow WordPress sites have higher bounce rates and fewer conversions. Perfmatters was created by web performance geeks to speed up your site!
Easy Dashboard: A minimal and easy to use dashboard with one-click toggles (no admin menu clutter). You don’t have to be tech-savvy to use Perfmatters WordPress Plugin.

Perfmatters WordPress Plugin is Here​

  • Speed: Increases the speed of your site by reducing HTTP requests, disabling plugins, stripping out code, and optimizing your database.
  • Lightweight: We are all about no bloat! Only clean, valid, and lightweight code. No JavaScript on the front-end of your site.
Get Perfmatters WordPress Plugin: The #1 web performance plugin for WordPress
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